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Wellness Tips for A Fresh New Year

Let's get a fresh start on this New Year with some healthful habits that we love to integrate for a clean start to every day. Bring the spa home It can be hard to establish any type of routine in our lives, especially right now, but one of the easiest ways to start a new routine is to begin with something that makes you feel great. That's why our Ritual Routine is the first on the list - integrate this into your routine for a truly glowing day. Begin with cleansed skin, spritz Dew Dream into your palms and apply to your face, neck and chest. Next, massage a few drops of Inner Glow onto your face in outward motions...

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Glowing Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season may look a little different but we wanted to highlight some incredible brands and companies that are local, Canadian, woman owned or making a beautiful impact on the world. This year we can make the choice to support brands that support causes or values we believe in - make your gift count with these glowing gift ideas! Gifts under $50 Luxurious Lip Balm This beautiful Oribe Lip Balm is the perfect little luxury for anyone on your list - its so beautiful you may need to buy two so you can dress up your shelfie! Cookbooks  Some of the best gifts you can give anyone! Whether they're a pro and you introduce them to a new or challenging cuisine or they're...

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Thanksgiving Inspired Recipes

This thanksgiving will be anything but typical, so why not ditch tradition and cook up something delicious? I have to admit I’m an avid turkey hater - you can try to convert me and I will try in all earnest to like it. In case you cant be convinced either, I’ve rounded up what are pretty much my all time favourite recipes that are always fit for a celebration. Since our celebration circles will be very small this year, you might also not have enough people to feed that big bird to! Opt for one of these delicious options and you’ll forget the rest. Goat cheese ravioli   I fell in love with this dish when we lived in New York...

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Fall Skincare Edit: Myths Debunked

If you haven’t already seen an influx of information in your inbox about transitioning to your fall skincare routine or the newest products you have to get in order to achieve fall ready skin then be ready! They’re coming. The truth is, we don’t need radically different skincare routines for every season - it’s as fabricated as certain holidays by the card companies to sell more. Alright I’ll stop being cynical and break it down. As the seasons change, depending on your climate, the air quality is likely the largest difference. The air shifts from being humid (which our skin generally enjoys, minus being a bit more prone to excess sweating and sebum production) to dryer air (this will thus dry...

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Cozy Moroccan Cooked Salad

This deliciously simple recipe has been made in my family forever - it's a cooked pepper and tomato salad that is best served with bread, simmered with cracked eggs on top (for a way better take on shakshuka), or served cold with a cheese plate. This recipe has been adapted from my parents memory of my Mémé's recipe for Moroccan Salade Cuite (Cooked Salad). It's warm and complex - perfect for the approaching chilly weather! Ingredients - About 10 peppers (I use whatever is in season or I can find - in this version I used regular, poblano and pepperoncini) - 2 cans whole tomato - 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil - 1 tsp cumin - 1 tsp paprika...

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