Amandine Sol Botanicals is a brand born out of fate, family and a love for beauty. Amandine grew up in a beauty entrepreneur family but decided to pursue a career in Law. The summer before Amandine was to start law school her family suddenly decided to move from the city to a farm. Amandine realized how this return to nature had an impact on her chronically troubled skin. Amandine and her mother, Heather, who had two completely different skin types, were always looking for products to treat and repair their respective skin concerns. After moving to The Farm and switching to natural products, they saw a shift in their skin.

When it came time for Amandine and her mom to visit the law school she was meant to attend, Amandine’s gut instinct revealed something didn’t feel right. Finally her mother looked at her and said: “You don’t have to do this; if you could do anything in the world what would you do?” Amandine replied: “I would start a skincare line with you.” her mother replied: “Let’s do it!” Amandine and her mother instantly knew what they needed to create - a product line that would bring The Farm experience to anyone, anywhere. A simple, natural and effective skincare line that delivered real results, with safe ingredients, and felt like an escape every time you used it. Through the all natural aromatherapy and luxurious textures, the products will instantly transport you to your oasis - whether that’s The Farm, the spa or your favorite slice of paradise. Amandine Sol Botanicals is meant to be shared - between mother and daughter, partners, family members, friends and all.

The products quickly gained cult status through celebrity makeup artists and skincare experts for all ages and genders. Both hero products are highly multifunctional by design - they can be added to makeup, used as a hair or bath oil, as well as a multitude of different applications - in order to deliver the utmost value to customers. The products have been featured in Forbes, ELLE, Coveteur, Town & Country and used behind the scenes on film, TV and runway shows. Down to the packaging everything was intentionally designed to sit on any bathroom counter top and remain clean and aesthetic. Amandine Sol Botanicals is more than just skincare - they are a lifestyle brand that encompasses a weekly newsletter that features the best of beauty and wholesome recipes, creative content with special guests, experiences and so much more. We are constantly innovating new solutions to enhance your daily rituals.


    We have intentionally created our products to simplify the skincare routine. They are practical, enhancing and complimentary to all skin types.


    We have bonded botanicals with clinically proven essentials. As a result, we have balanced natural with effectiveness in our products for glowing skin.


    Every step of our creation process is sustainable and environmentally conscious. We also prioritize social responsibility in our community by contributing to select foundations.

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