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Dewy Glow Set
Dewy Glow Set

Dewy Glow Set

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Ethically formulated, embodying the perfect simplicity of The Farm, this set is all that you need to achieve a natural, dewy glow. Includes the 30ml Inner Glow Face Oil + Dew Dream Spray Serum. Produced in small batches and sustainably packaged to ensure less waste.

Customer Reviews

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Hillary Gonzalez
Dewy Glow Set

I love my skin care on routine! Makes my life so easy and I know my skin will always be glowing!

Giuliana Cerro
Life changing

I absolutely love the oil and the serum. I have been using it religiously for 2 weeks and my skin is remarkably smoother. I actually got rid most of my skincare steps and only use this set with a cleanser and sunscreen and I’m all set!
As an added bonus, both products smell amazing, it’s like a little luxury spa experience at home!

Jodi L Feldman
Want More

As soon as I finish spreading the dew on my face, I smell and feel so good that I cannot wait for more at the end of the day!

Alexandra Guerriero

I absolutely love the set but unfortunately the dew dream spray it’s brand new and the lid got stuck so I can’t even spray it and it’s going to air out! It’s just unfortunate because it’s brand new
Alexandra Guerriero

I love it … however the spray lid unscrews too easily

I was super pumped to receive the Dewy Glow Set but for some reason, the top of the spray serum was wasn’t screwed on super tight and it leaked when I put it in my make up bag (the first day I received it!). I was able to save a few last drops and I’ve loved what I was able to use. The oil is amazing, I’m super happy with it.