About Us

Amandine Sol Azran is the founder of Amandine Sol Botanicals. One might say Amandine was destined to be in beauty, with both parents as seasoned veterans in the industry. 

Growing up, Amandine developed problem skin. She had eczema and would breakout often. Not wanting her daughter to feel insecure about her skin, Amandine’s mother set out to create a product to combat her flare-ups. This was the start of their mother-daughter beauty journey – the catalyst to their eventual business partnership.

After discovering that law school was not where her heart was, and taking the leap of faith to follow her true passion for beauty, Amandine entered into a partnership with her mother and started Amandine Sol Botanicals. The first product idea came to them instantly – a face oil “hero” product which would work with every skin type and age. When Amandine and her mother started Amandine Sol Botanicals, their initial goal was clear: to create an all-natural face oil that would be sensitive enough to soothe Amandine’s reactive skin, and active enough to treat her mother’s aging skin.

Not long ago, Amandine’s family moved to a farm just outside of Toronto, which gave her a newfound appreciation for a more refined way of living and the concept of ‘less is more’ – a welcome change from the intense, consumer-driven identity that goes hand-in-hand with city living. Amandine and her mother began the formulation process for their face oil at the farm by growing some ingredients, such as calendula and lavender. The whole concept behind the oil is similar to their way of life on the farm – simplify, refine, and go back to the basics.

While Amandine’s brand premise is to create multi-functional, multi-use products for various skin concerns, her brand is truly rooted in the importance of family. Everything she creates is with her family, where they work together, and succeed, as a team.