About Us(old)

As the founder of Amandine Sol Botanicals one could say Amandine Azran was destined to be in the beauty business with both parents as veterans in the industry.

Heather Azran, Amandine’s mother, was determined to find a solution to her daughters sensitive and reactive skin so she began develop a product that would solve Amandine’s acne and rosacea. This was the start of their mother-daughter beauty journey.

When the family recently relocated to a farm it gave Heather and Amandine a new found appreciation for clean, uncomplicated, natural living. Less is more became the welcome change from the stressed, consumer-driven identity that goes hand-in-hand with city living. They began to develop, along with their chemist, the formulation for ‘Inner Glow Face Oil’. The concept behind Inner Glow is similar to their way of life on the farm – simple, natural and effective. Back to basics.

Everything developed is with the family, where they work together, and succeed, as a team. Amandine Sol Botanicals is currently developing new products that meet the demand for natural and sustainable skin solutions.