Growing up in the beauty industry and struggling with problematic skin my whole life, I wanted to create something that was all-encompassing and effective. After my family moved from the city to The Farm, a new sense of inspiration developed for me and I decided to drop out of law school and begin a skin care brand alongside my mom, Heather.

We began learning the natural extraction of The Farm’s very own botanical ingredients and then complimented them with essential elements, bringing together leading qualities of both worlds.

Being one of the top natural skin care brands, our mission is to provide balanced essentials, in the world of over-complicated and over-promised skincare.


    We have intentionally created our products to simplify the skincare routine. They are practical, enhancing and complimentary to all skin types.


    We have bonded botanicals with clinically proven essentials. As a result, we have balanced natural with effectiveness in our products for glowing skin.


    Every step of our creation process is sustainable and environmentally conscious. We also prioritize social responsibility in our community by contributing to select foundations.

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