Wellness Tips for A Fresh New Year

Wellness Tips for A Fresh New Year

Let's get a fresh start on this New Year with some healthful habits that we love to integrate for a clean start to every day.

Bring the spa home

It can be hard to establish any type of routine in our lives, especially right now, but one of the easiest ways to start a new routine is to begin with something that makes you feel great. That's why our Ritual Routine is the first on the list - integrate this into your routine for a truly glowing day. Begin with cleansed skin, spritz Dew Dream into your palms and apply to your face, neck and chest. Next, massage a few drops of Inner Glow onto your face in outward motions and upward motions on the neck and chest - paying special attention to tension prone areas like your jaw and neck - giving yourself a deeply relaxing facial, neck and chest massage. Apply a few more drops to your palms and massage onto your scalp or ends of hair, then take your Ritual Comb and gently brush from root to end - truly indulge in the moment by combing directly on the scalp for a luxurious scalp massage. 

Start your day on paper

One routine essential we have developed is beginning the day with either our 5 Minute Journal or a section of a book (or both!). The 5 Minute Journal is designed to help draw your attention to the positive things happening in your day and encourages you to seek them out. Its a very quick ritual that puts you in a positive mindset for the day, and helps you recap your experiences in the evening. It will also serve as a beautiful reminder of what each day of 2021 held for you when you flip back. Another method we love is marking out an entire book into daily reading sections - each day you read to the next marker - you can set it to take you any amount of days to complete the book. This is an encouraging way to knock back the pages and delve into an exploration in your book of choice. 

Simple movement

This one is as old as time - get moving! Easier said than done, right? We have found lightly encouraging (ok, forcing) ourselves to move our bodies every day has made a huge impact on our wellness. Our go-to for simple, quick and effective movement is Melissa Wood-Health, a daily walk, or stretching. Let this be a moment to appreciate your incredibly strong body.

Go Green!

We love to start the day with a fresh juice - whether you make it at home or pick it up from your local juicer, it just starts the day with positive intentions for your health and wellness (along with the myriad of health benefits). Our favourite combination is celery, kale, pineapple and a splash of lemon - easiest measurements are eyeballed. There is something very calming about turning all these fresh fruits and veggies into a glowing morning cocktail.

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