The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 18

The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 18

Hi friends!

Welcome to the eighteenth edition of The Farmhouse Edit: where we share what we’ve been coveting and discovering, from the best of beauty and beyond. Let’s dive in!

A Moment We’re Celebrating

This week I had the absolute pleasure of being on the Meet Bridget podcast telling the story of Amandine Sol Botanicals. This was the first time I got to tell the story from start to present day - the good, the hard, and the full of tears. This pod invites you into the family further to see what it really took to get to where we are today!


What We’re Cooking:

I get so excited to make homemade pizza and have recently found my new fav recipe. It’s perfect if you don’t have a pizza oven because it takes into account that it will need more time in the oven (due to lower heat) and thus evaporates more water. Long story short, I love this recipe!


What We’re Watching:

My mom and I dove head first into Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans - such a compelling story and now there are some fascinating parallels being drawn between Capote and Andy Cohen... All roads lead back to Bravo!


Beauty Product We’re Loving:

I am forever on the hunt for the perfect face cream (don’t worry, I’ll make it one day, and better than ever). Until then, I will test everything! I’ve been really enjoying the COSRX Advanced Snail Cream. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clog my pores, plays well with Inner Glow and Dew Dream to deliver glowing results. Def recommend!


What We’re Reminding Ourselves:


Nothing is as it appears online - socials are a showcase of everyones BEST moments, a highlight reel of what is being portrayed. Remind yourself this every time you feel like you’re feeling like you can’t keep up.

Until next week! xo Amandine

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