The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 17

The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 17

Hi friends!

Welcome to the seventeenth edition of The Farmhouse Edit: where we share what we’ve been coveting and discovering, from the best of beauty and beyond. Let’s dive in!

A Moment We’re Celebrating

This week we’re celebrating love in EVERY form! Friends, partners, co-workers, whoever it is in your life that you want to share your appreciation for. Whether that’s doing your skincare routine together, recommending or gifting them your fav product, or cooking them something warm, we’re sharing the love this week.


What We’re Cooking:

I made these salmon bowls this week and WOW were they a hit! I was blown away by how delicious they were, plus the recipe was simple and the dishes were minimal.


What We’re Reading:

I have been reading The Nightingale and I truly can’t put it down. Kristin Hannah captures the slow burn of WW2 but illuminates a part of history I’ve personally never learned about: the women’s war. She thoughtfully tells a story of female resilience, spirit and durability in a high stakes plot.


Beauty Product We’re Loving:

This week I’m especially obsessed with our Eye Petals. I haven’t been sleeping great, it feels like every around me is sick, and I’m doing my very best to stave off illness, which means leaning heavier into the self care and wellness routines that I love. I’ve been wearing my Eye Petals every morning and just the ritual of applying Dew Dream and Inner Glow, then placing the Eye Petals on top as I go about my morning, then I thoughtfully wash them and place them back in their tin, anticipating reaching for them again tomorrow morning, makes me feel so calm, put together, and like I’ve romanced myself a little. They’re the perfect little treat.


What We’re Reminding Ourselves:

One day at a time, one moment at a time, relish every single part of the process.

Until next week! xo Amandine

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