The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 15

The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 15

Hi friends!

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of The Farmhouse Edit: where we share what we’ve been coveting and discovering, from the best of beauty and beyond. Let’s dive in!


A Moment We’re Celebrating

Matilda Djerf wore our reusable Eye Petals and looked absolutely stunning! It has been so exciting to see all of you wear them and enjoy them IRL after a year in the making!


What We’re Cooking:

A recent discovery of mine on TikTok, @chefbae, has influenced many grocery decisions this week, especially her zucchini coffee cake... OMG its good. Next I’m going to make her Thai Turkey Meatballs so stay tuned if that makes the cut for next week.


What We’re Reading:

I have oddly been on the hunt for engaging and interesting history books (its the English major in me). Oddly enough my mom sent me one without prompt that looks really good and I will be diving into it this week - American Nations by Colin Woodard. It’s poised to fundamentally impact anyone’s understanding of US history....


Snack We’re Loving:

I have fallen madly, deeply, in love with French Squirrel’s new peanut butter called ‘Beurre’. This peanut butter is unlike any other - it’s creamy, crunchy crushed peanuts, dates, cinnamon and a bit of salt. OMG it’s all my snacking dreams come true - I slather it on toast, dates, fruits, and dig right in with a spoon when things get real freaky. I’ve eaten 3 jars in two weeks... Enough said?

What We’re Reminding Ourselves:

This week I’m reminding myself to celebrate the wins - big or small! It’s so easy to just keep pushing to the next goal, but if we don’t slow down and enjoy each moment, what’s the point!?

Until next week! xo Amandine

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