The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 13

The Farmhouse Edit: Edition 13

Hi friends!

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of The Farmhouse Edit: where we share what we’ve been coveting and discovering, from the best of beauty and beyond. Let’s dive in!


A Moment We’re Celebrating

Simu Liu wore Inner Glow Face Oil in his recent music video! Who knew this Canadian cool guy was so versatile! From Barbie to new beats, he’s doing it all while glowing from within!


What We’re Cooking:

I’ve been dreaming of so many delicious holiday recipes - for dinner a decadent roast beef, with all the sides, but my heart lies in dessert. I’m sharing my fav sticky toffee pudding recipe - light, sweet, delicious and a total showstopper. My mom found this recipe eons ago and it has stayed our favourite of all time.


What We’re Listening To:

Dua Lipa’s recent podcast episode with Tim Cook, who rarely does any interviews, is my recommendation of the week. From what his daily routine looks like running the largest company in the world to his personal journey and his thoughts on AI’s future, I devoured the episode.


Beauty Product We’re Loving:

I’m back with another lip fav of the week because I just can’t get enough lip products! I just ordered the Dior Lip Glow in the shade 006 Berry. 001 Pink has been a personal and cult fav forever and for good reason, but I’ve been seeing so much ‘Sugar Plum’ makeup vibes that I caved and had to try this colour. I know I’ll love the formula, and I think the light berry kiss will be perfect for this time of year.


What We’re Reminding Ourselves:

Take an Inner Glow moment every day this holiday - you deserve it! Inner Glow moments are my superpower to get through stress, over-excitement, and even joyful situations. Sometimes we just need a few seconds to relish in the moment and appreciate all that we’ve been blessed with, and other times we need to calm and centre our minds. Take 3 drops of Inner Glow in your palms, rub together, and take a few deep breaths of the product before pressing it into your skin. Take this little moment to think about what makes you glow from within. Whether its first thing in the morning, right before bed, or as you’re walking into a big family dinner, it will calm your senses and make you glow from within!

Until next week! xo Amandine

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