The Best Sunscreen Guide for All Skin Types

The Best Sunscreen Guide for All Skin Types

I don’t need to read you the riot act on wearing sunscreen - you know you need it and you know why (skin cancer, skin damage, premature aging, the list goes on). But thanks to some digging and incredible companies, there are lots of amazing options available! There are even sunscreens that can add a beautiful glow to our skin, or help control excess oil. Fear not! There is a sunscreen in this guide for you!

First let’s debunk this common sunscreen conundrum - what does SPF even mean? Well, according to the Skin Care Foundation, the level of SPF tells you how long the sun’s UVB rays would take to redden your skin if you apply the sunscreen as directed compared to the amount of time without sunscreen. So if you use SPF 30, it would take 30 times longer to burn than if you used no sunscreen, and SPF 50 times longer, etc. Also always make sure to treat your skin after being in the sun - it will need exra hydration (try the Tatcha Water Cream for an instant cooling effect) or Inner Glow to replenish all the lost nutrients and combat signs of sun damage. 

We don’t want to mess with our skin health so here are also some tips for thriving in the sun this summer without compromising your skin!

Always wear sunscreen

In the shade, in the car, under a hat, in the water, in front of a window - always. Up to 80% of the sun’s UV radiation reaches earth, even when its cloudy!

Apply sunscreen to your entire body

15 minutes before going out for even and well absorbed coverage.

Higher SPF and more dedicated skincare benefits for delicate skin

(face, neck, hands, EARS, knees and tops of the feet), then a slightly lower SPF or more general sunscreen for everywhere else (think La Roche vs. Sun Bum). SPF 15 is sufficient if you’re mostly inside and occasionally outside. But if you’re in direct sunlight for a prolonged time you need 30+!

Keep re-applying!

Make sure to reapply every two hours and use water resistant sunscreen if you’re in the water or having a lil shvitz.

For Your Beautiful Face

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

This is a cult favourite for a reason and a new resident of Canada! Although Sephora only carries a few products from the line they did include one of the best! This sunscreen is great for all skin types, provides SPF 40 and blue light protection, and makes a beautiful base for makeup. This is a perfect sunscreen to take you from every day to extra glam.

Anthelios Ultra-Fluid Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF50

Perfect if you struggle with sensitive, reactive or breakout prone skin. This sunscreen is as gentle as it gets - its widely recommended by dermatologists for being next to impossible to create a reaction. It also provides great SPF 50 coverage, doesn’t leave a white cast or sticky film, and is fragrance free. You can also try its tinted sister - less gentle but equally beautiful application and finish on the skin.

For Your Body

Sun Bum Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

Nothing smells more like vacation than the faux-banana scent of sun bum. It applies to the skin beautifully in a rich cream, leaves the skin hydrated and smelling of fresh fruit and the beach. I also enjoy their lip balm to protect my lips when I’m in direct sunlight, but I do find the taste a little overpowering. Their after sun aloe gel saved me from a rough encounter with the sun one vacation - I highly recommend bringing this along on any trip and keeping it in the mini bar just in case.

 Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

This sunscreen doubles as body glitter, in a good way! It has tiny sparkle-like flecks that reflect the sun to give you a beautiful shimmer in the sun!

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Great post, Am! I’ve been searching for the perfect sunscreen since the day it’s anti-aging benefits finally resonated in my dumb teenage brain. As a lifelong member of the “sunscreen makes me breakout” club, it’s been quite the journey, to say the least. Thanks to you, I’ve finally found a combination that works for me!

I’m definitely partial to SunBum for a number of reasons. Like you said, it smells fantastic. It’s not expensive, so you don’t feel guilty slathering it on like paint. & I especially love that you can find it wherever you are in the world, whether that’s your local drug store, a hotel boutique or the golf club pro shop. I think that’s super important for people like me who don’t like to switch up their skincare without doing some serious research beforehand. The SPF 50 Moisturizing Lotion you’ve mentioned above is my go to body protection & I always carry their Face Stick & CocoBalm in my golf bag.

For my face, you won’t catch me dead without my SuperGoop SPF 50 Glow Stick. It really does give you that no makeup glow (especially with a few drops of InnerGlow underneath!), it doesn’t have any scent at all & it feels incredible on your skin. It’s also virtually weightless & doesn’t react to the heat, so I can carry it around in my purse year round.

Thanks again for all the suggestions, your skincare knowledge has been such an amazing resource for me & others <3


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