Skin Profile: Perioral Dermatitis

Skin Profile: Perioral Dermatitis

Hello everyone! We’re very excited to introduce you to our next Skin Profile: Emma! Emma creates stunning floral arrangements - from her farm to your home - assembled with love in Toronto.

Emma struggles with Perioral Dermatitis (PD) a rash-like skin condition that forms small bumps around the mouth (but can also go all the way up to the eyes - hello, been there). It is almost a combination of acne and rosacea, and thus it is often treated similarly. PD is frustrating because it is recurring, often linked to stress and while its true cause it unknown, it seems linked to using cosmetics and/or common prescription pharmaceuticals like nasal sprays. PD is often misdiagnosed as eczema or acne, which can cause us to treat it improperly (also been here). Emma finds her PD is linked to stress - a very common factor - so finding calming practices and eating well have been some of her best defences. Our least favourite skin offender is also involved in PD - inflammation! So treating inflammation from within (foods like spinach, berries, kale, etc.) and from the outside (great skincare, red light therapy, etc.) are both great ways to combat the recurrence of PD.

Emma also has very dry skin, which makes treating PD difficult as harsh acne treatment creams are often used to fight it. Pairing treatments with skin nourishing and hydrating products like Inner Glow will help banish the bacteria while keeping the skin healthy. Avene Tolérance products are also wonderful for treating the skin - they are extremely gentle and provide needed hydration. Emma first patch tested Inner Glow to ensure it would not react with her sensitive skin, which we highly recommend anyone to do at first.

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