Shop with Intent

Shop with Intent

We are living in a time where we, the customer, have endless options as to where we can shop and what businesses we want to support with our hard earned income. We are able to support small, female owned, people of colour, and immigrant owned businesses - we can even support someone from across the world with the power of our purchase. So we put together a list of some incredible businesses from diverse backgrounds that we love to support - both the people behind them and the amazing goods they produce. 

Female Alchemy

Tatiana creates gorgeous handmade pottery in Miami. She releases these beautiful collections of different items and you have to scoop them up fast because they sell out quick! Her site is currently all sold out, but stay tuned for a restock. 


Trinity co-founded Golde to create fun, natural, and convenient superfood boosted concoctions for health and beauty. This independent Brooklyn based company is making matcha more fun and easy to enjoy from home - shop here!

Oui the People

Karen Young founded Oui the People looking for a razor that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin (razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn - we’ve all been there). After tons of research Karen found the solution in Germany - a single blade razor that they weighted perfectly so you don’t have to apply any pressure. The result is a perfect, easy, and might I say beautiful shave. Shop these little works of art here

Brother Vellies

Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies is designed in Brooklyn but handcrafted with artisans spanning from Nairobi to New York. If you’re looking for fashion, or at least some serious inspo, look no further!


We have been touting the power of dry brushing forever - I personally try to dry brush before every shower. So why not do it in style and support an amazing brand at the same time? Or unwind with one of their luxurious candles.

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