Products I'm Currently Trying

Products I'm Currently Trying

As much as I maintain a minimal skincare routine, I will always love to test new products. People always ask me for recommendations (stay tuned for this post!) and I love to know what is being created and enjoyed on the market. Here are some new products I have been trying and enjoying for all different reasons!

Here + There Balm: 

Herby, instantly melts into the skin, love it on my lips and cuticles (it actually soothes VERY dry lips). Rice Brand and Helichrysum make it super soothing and anti-inflammatory. 

Citrus Body Oil:

A bright, quick absorbing body oil that is equally as enjoyable to apply as it is hydrating and glow-inducing. So much nicer than body cream in my opinion. 

Happening Scrub:

Easy, non-messy application transforms into a milky body wash that leaves you smooth and hydrated. Body Scrubs are a step I am inclined to skip, but when I have the time I really enjoy them and my skin appreciates it. 

Inner Glow: 

This is the only product I will always use, no matter what else I’m trying. It helps to keep things consistent and it will help heal any inflammation. 

I got all of these products in the Detox Mode Total Body Refresh box from Detox Market!

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