Multi-Masking: Face Mask Guide

Multi-Masking: Face Mask Guide

Find me someone who doesn’t love a face mask. Whether you’re looking for deep hydration or a quick exfoliation, theres a mask for you! I’ve lined up some of my favourite masks and peels for all skin types and concerns, and how you can work them into your routine. Not only are face masks great for your skin, but they’re the perfect way to unplug and focus on the present moment when things get hectic - you can set a perfect spa-like moment with the right candle, a comfy spot and a face mask. 

I like to do a face mask or peel once a week to exfoliate my skin and remove built up beauty products. Any more than once a week is not necessary and truly up to your lifestyle - there should be no masking-fomo. If anything, the overuse of masks, cleansers or any beauty products can actually have the reverse effect of over sensitizing your skin and damaging your microbiome. So, like everything else, skincare in moderation.    

I mix up my masks - my t-zone tends to be more blemish prone and have thicker skin, so I usually treat it with a mask from the moderate section or intensity , but the rest of my face is very sensitive, so I use a product from the sensitive section (my current favourite combo is the Naturopathica Cherry mask on my t-zone, and the Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin mask everywhere else). 

Always remember to seal in the hydration after removing your mask, because your skin has just been cleansed and its microbiome has been disrupted, you need to replenish as many of the natural oils and nutrients that have just been removed. I suggest a multi-correctional oil, like Inner Glow, to create a beautiful protective layer to lock in hydration and protect against outside elements, like dry indoor air. 

For Sensitive Skin Looking for Relief and Hydration

Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Exfoliant and Mask

Tatcha Lumnious Dewy Skin Mask 

For Moderate to Sensitive Skin Looking to Even Texture and Gently Exfoliate 

Naturopathica Cherry Enzyme Peel

Consonant HydraExtreme Charcoal Sheet Mask

For Those Looking for Intense Smoothing, Purifying and Exfoliation

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

Pure + Simple Purifying French Clay Mask 

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