Moisture vs. Hydration: What's The Difference and Why it Matters

Moisture vs. Hydration: What's The Difference and Why it Matters

We want you glow into the new year with radiant, healthy skin and confidence in your skincare routine, so we asked what your main skin concerns were and the overwhelming response was dehydration, with acne, scarring, dullness and anti-aging as the runners up. We'll address these concerns separately, but you will find that dehydration can be the cause of these other concerns, and by properly treating dehydrated skin you will find improvement in these other areas. Let's dive in. 

The recipe for hydrated skin is: hydration + moisture.  

Hydration vs. Moisture

Hydration means adding more water to your skin cells, whereas moisture is locked in by an occlusive. Occlusives form a protective layer on the surface of the skin and create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Occlusives can be a face oil, a heavy cream or an ointment like vaseline.

Dew Dream is your hydration element. Hyaluronic acid and water in the formula instantly delivers water to your skin cells. Dew Dream also has amino acids and minerals to strengthen the skins barrier - the result is quenched, balanced and plumped skin. 

Inner Glow is your moisturizing occlusive - it seals and locks in the hydration, while also strengthening the natural lipid, or fat, barrier. Dry, flaky skin needs moisturizing rather than hydration, so you will notice using Inner Glow will treat this concern as well. The result is radiant, supple, balanced complexion. 

Other Important Elements 

To ensure our moisturizing and hydrating products are actually working, we want to do some light exfoliation. A buildup of dry skin can impeded the penetration of these products so gently exfoliating the skin will ensure they can do their work. Dew Dream contains an exfoliating bark complex which softens and gently sloughs off the dead skin. Your exfoliant is conveniently baked into your moisture - talk about multitasking. 

When your skin is dehydrated it overcompensates by producing more oil, which can clog pores and cause breakouts. By hydrating and nourishing the skin we’re creating the ideal environment for it to thrive.

Other tips for keeping your skin holistically hydrated: if you're in a dry environment (cold weather, heater on, etc) use a humidifier with distilled water - we want to achieve 50% humidity and drink lots of water. Your skins hydration is a reflection of your bodies hydration - aiming for 9 cups of water (give or take) per day. Try eating your hydration - watermelon, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower. 

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