How to Prevent Breakouts Under Your Face Mask

How to Prevent Breakouts Under Your Face Mask

Now dubbed ‘maskne’ - the tell tale sign of being a responsible mask wearing citizen in the summer heat. Bound to happen, we set out to find the best ways to take care of your skin and prevent breakouts, irritation or inflammation while you mask up.

Why Does it Happen

Numerous factors: sweat, makeup, dead skin cells, and debris that build up under the mask and get trapped in the pores. As you sweat and have product build up on your face the mask is compounding these factors with friction and a little pressure. 

Mask Tips

Wash or sanitize your reusable mask daily! You can pop them in the wash or use a UV sanitizer. You can also sanitize your disposable masks, but once they’re dirty with makeup etc. it's time to say goodbye. If you have sensitive skin try using a gentle detergent since it will have direct contact with your face. Here are two dermatologist recommended laundry detergents for sensitive skin: Tide and Nellie's

When selecting your mask we suggest you opt for one made out of a smooth, soft natural fabric like fine cotton and silk (silk will be a bit warm for the summer days). These beautiful hypoallergenic silk masks come with 7 disposable filters so you can keep your mask for a long time while staying safe! One of our favourite bloggers Lindsay Silberman has a special code for 15% off (SILBSQUAD). If you're looking for cotton: these beautiful cotton face masks are from a Toronto shop!

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Skincare Tips

When possible, avoid wearing makeup under your mask so there is less to clog your pores with. Need some coverage? Try opting for a much lighter foundation than usual, like Chanel Eau de Teint, to add hydration but minimal makeup. Reach for a light, hydrating and if possible calming skincare option before masking up. Inner Glow is the perfect mask companion as it delivers lightweight hydration and nutrition, while the natural aromatherapy presents a moment of calm. Avoid any heavy creams under your mask - these can clog your pores on a good day, let alone when compounded by friction and heat.

Make sure you wash your face very well as soon after you get home as you can - this will help clean the sweat and compounded skin cells from being on the skin longer than necessary and prevent breakouts. A gentle daily exfoliant, like these Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads, or my personal favourite Paula’s Choice BHA Gel, will remove any remaining dead skin and aid to reduce the time of a breakout. This Naturopathica Polishing Enzyme Peel is also a beautiful, more natural alternative, for a gentle exfoliation. Make sure to keep applying sunscreen despite the mask! Just like moisturizer, look for a lighter sunscreen to avoid clogging the pores. Here are two of our favourite lightweight sunscreens: Paula's Choice & La Roche.

Your skin will breath with a mask on (its actually oxygenated from internal cell processes) so by keeping your mask and skin clean, and using light and exfoliating products, your skin will keep glowing!

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