Amandine Abroad: Washington, D.C.

Amandine Abroad: Washington, D.C.

A hub for culture, history and politics, Washington, D.C. is an exciting place to visit for a weekend. One may not associate Washington with natural beauty, but it actually has some of the most amazing natural beauty shops. There are tons of great restaurants to lounge at and sights to see - you certainly wont be bored during a weekend in Washington! I’ve broken down my favourite tips for food, sights, beauty and shopping down to the top contenders to make your weekend a breeze. 

Beauty & Shopping:

  • Check out Veer & Wander whose motto is simply put: "Dont be toxic". Words we can all live by. Their modern apothecary is the perfect reprieve for a quick, natural, pick me up. 
  • Walking into Take Care, a natural beauty shop, is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Its light and airy store makes shopping for natural skincare a true pleasure. If you're in D.C. for work and need somewhere to post up, their co-working space is an aromatherapeutic dream! 
  • Caudalie Spa to help you relax and unwind after your flight to D.C. 
  • Georgetown has tons of the big names and its very cute - reminiscent of Charleston, SC with its old world architecture and cobblestone streets. Not only are you getting great shopping, but it also feels like a historic experience. It doesn’t hurt that the tax in Washington is only 5%.


  • Martins Tavern - an extremely historic, quintessential Washington pub. Each booth is adorned with plaques that describe historic moments that have taken place there, like the booth where JFK proposed to Jackie O.
  • Chez Billy Sud - an adorable French restaurant in Georgetown perfect for brunch or lunch. Their frites. Period.


  • Nobu - classic, great sushi and cocktails (Lychee martini, of course!)
  • Rose’s Luxury - an absolutely incredible restaurant, and possibly one of my favourites ever. They have the most interesting menu items - flavours and combinations I have personally never tried before (which, to me, is the most exciting thing about a restaurant). They’re almost a combo of Italian and Asian cuisine that certainly merits their one Michelin star rating.


  • Old Ebbitt Grill - stop by for a drink and some of the best oysters in the city. It was founded in 1856 and later became Washingtons first saloon. It’s a meeting spot for politicians, journalists and celebs, and a great spot to have a drink after touring the White House.
  • Joes Seafood - a Florida favourite that fits right in in DC. Their cocktail hour is delish and very reasonable.


  • The classics: Washington monument, Abe Lincoln, tons of museums (Holocaust museum being a personal fav). They’re all in the ‘National Mall’, don't get excited, its not a shopping mall. Most of the monuments are in the East end and thus the area is deemed the National Mall. It makes it really easy to get all of your culture in one place!
  • Walk along the Potomac where you'll see tons of great restaurants and parks, or along the Canal that runs through Georgetown where you’ll spot scooters abandoned in the water and lots of wildlife.

General tips:

  • When to travel: Spring or Fall - it gets EXTREMELY hot and humid in Washington, so I suggest to avoid the summer heat by visiting in the fall (when its very majestic) or the spring (hello cherry blossoms!).
  • Washington is more casual than you’d think! Bring one or two fancier outfits if you plan on going to a some nicer restaurants, but the rest of the city is very casual. Be comfortable by bringing sneakers and light clothing in the spring and summer, even fall is quite mild.
  • Flying into DCA is the easiest, since its a small airport and located just 10 minutes from Georgetown. Dulles is further away but often has cheaper flights in, just make sure to consider the cost of an Uber to your hotel.
  • SCOOT away! Electric scooters have been flying through many American cities, but I’m not sure they’re more prevalent anywhere as they are in DC. Almost every street corner is littered with electric scooters waiting for you to awaken them and get around the city in the most convenient way. Washington is much smaller than you’d think, so you’ll find them very handy to get around.

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