The Perfect Long Weekend Packing List

The Perfect Long Weekend Packing List

What’s better than a summer weekend? A long summer weekend, of course! Next comes the inevitable concern of what to bring on your long weekend getaway and how to consolidate it all into one packable bag. Fear not! We have made an extremely versatile weekend getaway packing list with each item touting multiple purposes to make your weekend as breezy as this weather. We also selected awesome items from incredible brands with female founders making a positive impact in the world. Simple doesn’t have to be basic.

1 - The simple summer dress - this is a staple everyone covets for summer. Something you can throw on every day and feel confident in while staying cool (physically and metaphorically). We love this, and almost every other dress, from Reformation for all of those reasons, and their incredible eco-consciousness.

2 - The perfect sunscreen - Enjoy the sun responsibly! Slather on the sunscreen all day with Supergoop and their ultra lightweight protection. There’s a reason they’ve quickly become a cult favourite.

3 - The most versatile sandal - These have to be my favourite summers shoe EVER. Birkenstock’s have been in and out of fashion for decades, and their new addition, the Arizona EVA, will promise to be in your wardrobe forever. I travel with them on every vacation and bring them to the farm every weekend. They’re light, waterproof, insanely comfortable, and very cute! I opted for the white pair as they go with everything and remain effortlessly chic. I’m still working on an acceptable way to wear them into the winter...

4 - Ultimate skin-prep - The epitome of versatility is our own Inner Glow Face Oil! Prep your skin with it in the morning before sunscreen, then soothe your skin after a day in the sun with it. You’ll feel fresh and hydrated even if you baked for a little too long. You can also run it over any humidity prone fly-aways and any dry spots on your body!

5 - Lipstick, blush and eyeshadow all in one! I specifically chose the shade Sunset Strip from Nudestix Nudies from my vast collection as its the ultimate versatile colour. It provides the perfect warmth of a bronzer or contour, while also being fresh enough to wear as a blush, eyeshadow AND lip colour. You don't even need to bring a brush as it has its own attached, or as I prefer, use your fingers.

6 - Hoop on - Never underestimate the power of the perfect hoop! These LUV AJ hoops are a staple in my wardrobe. They go with everything and have the power to dress anything up. Throw them on with a bather and tight bun and you’ll look fresh off the Amalfi Coast.

7 - Let’s get comfy - The perfect set to wind down in when the weather starts to cool off at night. This cozy set is light, packable and inexplicably comfortable. Each piece is so cute it can be worn together or paired with anything else in your wardrobe. The sweater is perfect for layering or wearing open over your bathing suit.

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