The Perfect at Home Facial

The Perfect at Home Facial

My skin has not been reacting to this change of pace too well - between stress and a definite lack of hydration, it needed a boost. I found my skin tone to be rough, dry and lacking lustre. Since I would normally get a facial at the beginning of every new season, I was certainly due to get one. Alas, I had to turn to my archives of beauty products and gadgets to create the perfect at home facial!

Step 1: Cleanse

We always have to start with a clean canvas and remove any surface impurities. As you know by now, I love this gentle cleanser from Pure + Simple, I also really enjoy this luxurious cleanser from Tatcha, and this crowd pleaser from Cetaphil. 

Step 2: Steam

One of the best beauty gadgets, but less commonly used, is the at home facial steamer! Facial steaming loosens dirt and impurities in the skin as it causes the pores to loosen, while also forcing your skin to sweat so its further flushing the pores. When your skin is freshly cleaned, your pores are also better able to absorb the products you apply next. Steaming should only be done for about 10 minutes and with caution - don't get too close or let the steam get too hot. Here is the steamer I have, and here is another highly rated option from Amazon (beware of the extraction tools it comes with - leave extractions for the experts!) If you don't have a steamer at home and don't want to wait for Amazons brutal delivery times right now, you can fill a bowl with boiling water and place a towel over your head as you hold your head above the bowl (not too close).

Step 3: Exfoliate

This step is both optional and discretionary. I have super sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation (hello eczema and dermatitis), so I skip this step or sub a very gentle exfoliant like this one from Pure + Simple. When I do have blemishes and my skin needs something slightly stronger, I love the gentle cherry enzyme mask from Naturopathica. If you are prone to uneven texture or breakouts, the Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads are incredible (I use them when my skin feels strong). At this step, I will also tweeze and trim my brows. I prefer to do it while my skin has softened, so theres a little less stress to the skin. 

Step 4: Hydrate

This is a step everyone can benefit from! I take full advantage of this step by layering my favourite cream, like the Tatcha Water Cream, followed by Inner Glow, to seal it all in and create a beautiful barrier to the outside elements. 

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