Facial Massage Tutorial

Facial Massage Tutorial

A facial massage not only feels great, but can provide ample benefits: it builds collagen, erases muscle memory (see ya later, frown lines), and it helps with lymphatic detox (flushing the lymph nodes and promoting blood flow). You’ll notice more radiant skin, sculpted lines and less puffiness. Also, for all of us teeth grinders and headache sufferers, you’ll find incredible relief and relaxation.

While facial massages are quickly growing in popularity, largely thanks to tools like jade rollers and Gua Sha being touted on Instagram, they’ve actually been widely practiced in Ayurvedic medicine, and can easily be done with just our hands. The best part - it can be totally free and integrated into your daily routine!We should ideally be practicing facial massages once a day; I’ve found it easy to integrate into both my morning and evening routine when applying my Inner Glow Face Oil. There’s been immediate improvements in my skin and muscle tension since I’ve started incorporating daily facial massages.

My video tutorial is a quick walkthrough of how to do an at home facial massage, but here are the basics: ALWAYS use an oil to eliminate any tension in the skin, use upward sweeping movements, use mild to light pressure, repeat each movement 20 times, starting at the jawline and working your way up to the points of tension like the marionette lines, under eyes, frown lines, forehead, hairline and jaw muscles. These are all spots we tend to hold tension and thus tend to age faster than other areas. By massaging them, we are releasing the tension and increasing blood flow to those areas in order to regenerate and relax them. Try adding this simple step into your nighttime routine when applying your Inner Glow!

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