Meet Your New Favourite Sustainable Beauty Necessity

Meet Your New Favourite Sustainable Beauty Necessity

Muslin cloths are tried and true beauty tools that never go out of style or run out of battery. Some of us use makeup wipes but want to find a more sustainable option. I struggle with getting ALL of the makeup and grime off my face at night. They provide simple and highly effective results that are easy to consistently use. Consistency is definitely an issue that plagues our beauty routines and finding simple tools and techniques to ensure we’re regularly doing things to promote radiant, healthy skin from the inside out is very important, and what I’m here for!

Muslin cloths are small pieces of woven cotton that we use to rinse and exfoliate our faces after cleansing. Many people like to wet the cloth, apply a dab of cleanser, then use them to massage the cleanser into the face while exfoliating. I actually like to apply my cleanser as usual with my hands, then with a wet muslin cloth, I remove the cleanser from my face, rinsing it as I go along. I find this helps remove all makeup and impurities from my face and neck. Muslin cloths increase circulation, slough off dead skin cells, revealing new cells and revitalized skin! I’m prone to breakouts around my hairline and jawline (two spots I find very hard to cleanse, mostly because I don't want frizzy baby hairs) but muslin cloths help me get all the tough spots. This is also the easiest beauty tool to travel with - its light, small and great for removing caked on sunscreen or sweat.

How to care for your cloth: machine wash it regularly and hang to dry. That simple! No need to purchase pricey head replacements (lets be real, I never replaced my Clarisonic head...)
Cleanse with caution: especially for those with sensitive skin, don’t over scrub!
How often should I use muslin cloths? Everyone’s skin can be so different, so it’s best to begin by trying it out slowly. While I have sensitive skin, I actually like to use my cloth every night. However, I recommend easing it into your routine twice a week and see how your skin reacts. The beauty of the cloth is that, unlike motorized tools, you have complete control over pressure and technique.

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