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A Brand Born in Fate and Family

My brand started at my farm, with my family. I grew up in an incredibly entrepreneurial family - both of my parents worked in the beauty industry, and the rest of my family have careers in fashion. I’d always known that I had an immense passion for these worlds, but I never felt like I could make a ‘successful’ career out of it. Even though I grew up painting, sewing my own clothes and devouring magazines I feared the potential instability and unknown of the fashion and beauty industry. I decided I would go to university on a hunt for stability and quickly applied my skills for writing, research and hard work towards getting into law school. I worked in one of the top firms every summer, I did every pre-requisite (and more) to get into law school, and I accomplished the difficult feat of getting in. I was so proud of all my hard work, but something felt off.


As I was getting close to graduating university and actually attending law school, it didn’t feel right. Like so many other people my age, I felt I had to find a profitable career and excel at it. But, I never gave myself the option to really love what I would be doing for the rest of my life. It took a trip to the school I was about to attend, and a fateful question from my mom to realize my truth... I just did not want to be a lawyer. 


She asked me: “if you could do anything in the world what would it be” and I immediately answered: “I would start a skincare line with you.” I finally knew my answer and had never felt better. Everything started the next morning and hasn’t stopped since. 


This brand, and my first product, were created entirely with the help of my family – through each step of formulation and development we analyzed and edited together. We tested every combination of oils on ourselves before asking friends with different skin concerns to try it themselves. We even crowdsourced from clients of my brothers’ Toronto hair salon, Colour Lab, to make sure it was truly effective and what people were looking for. It only felt right to name the brand ‘Amandine Sol’, as it doesn’t get more personal than putting your name on it. Every day I thank myself, and my family, for listening to my gut and going with it. I strive to inspire others to listen to themselves and follow their passions despite unpopular opinion or fear. I am so proud of my brand and my product and am so thrilled to offer it to my #glowgetters!




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