Holiday Pre-Tox: Prepare for The Healthiest Holiday

Holiday Pre-Tox: Prepare for The Healthiest Holiday

The holidays can be overwhelming, but entering them with a calm and confident mindset could be what defines a good holiday and a great holiday. We’ve rounded up the best practices to keep your mind, and face, clear this holiday season!

Melissa Wood Health Workouts

These workouts are always fun and so simple to slot into your day. They range from 10 minutes to up to 35 minutes, so no matter what you can always find time to get a little workout or stretch in! I LOVE these cute and super practical ankle/hand weights - they definitely bring me a little more joy while working out. 

Take care of your skin

Winter, alcohol, and heavy foods can all have a harsh effect on the skin. Keep you skin hydrated with Inner Glow and glow right through every party; you'll be bound to receive tons of compliments on your radiant skin!

Lemon Water All Day Every Day

Detox all holiday long by staying hydrated! Try the soda stream for some bubbly water to make things more interesting, or opt for berries, melon, or a mix of citrus. Dress it up in a nice jug to make it more enticing at your next holiday gathering!

Shop Sales

Do some Black Friday shopping to cut down on the gifting budget - ours will be our best and only one! Click here for early access!


Take some time to destress by meditating with this award winning meditation app!

Prepare Ahead

Here are some delicious but clean dishes you can bring to dinners, or make an entire menu out of if you’re hosting! Bringing your own dish ensures you’ll always have a healthy option, and you can share with everyone!

Anything from the Love Real Food Cookbook is incredible! It makes a perfect hostess book too!

The Il Buco Style Kale Salad by Chrissy Teigen in Cravings is delicious - it will convert even the biggest kale haters!

This Cauliflower Curry is super easy, made in an Instant Pot for added ease, and is very tasty!

Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy your time off with the people who bring you joy!

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