Fall Skincare Edit: Myths Debunked

Fall Skincare Edit: Myths Debunked

If you haven’t already seen an influx of information in your inbox about transitioning to your fall skincare routine or the newest products you have to get in order to achieve fall ready skin then be ready! They’re coming. The truth is, we don’t need radically different skincare routines for every season - it’s as fabricated as certain holidays by the card companies to sell more. Alright I’ll stop being cynical and break it down. As the seasons change, depending on your climate, the air quality is likely the largest difference. The air shifts from being humid (which our skin generally enjoys, minus being a bit more prone to excess sweating and sebum production) to dryer air (this will thus dry our skin out a little faster). Add in indoor heating, cold harsh air (hello Canada) and we’ve got some new factors to deal with. But in all likelihood you already have the tools in your cabinet to deal with this shift. There are also some lifestyle adjustments we can make for happier skin and simpler living!

1. Keep Glowing with Inner Glow

We created this product to be used year-round so come every season you don’t have to be hunting down what you’re supposed to be using and how to use it. I recommend using a few extra drops of Inner Glow in the winter to create a barrier against the elements - especially at night! Forget the overhyped “sleeping masks” - if you use about 6-8 drops of Inner Glow at night, on top of any other products or on its own, you’ll create a luxurious layer that will absorb into your skin all night while protecting you from that blasting heat. In Canada we get some pretty mean cold winds that will quite literally give you a burn. Ironic and mean. Again, a few extra drops of Inner Glow under your makeup or on its own will create a barrier and also protect from damage caused by pollution (free-radicals, etc.) *Cue 60ml refill size to get us sustainably glowing all winter long*

2. Plug in your humidifier

These little machines work overtime to add more humidity into our environments that is just being leeched out by our heating systems. I notice a huge difference when I actually refill it every day, as one is supposed to.

3. Keep exfoliating

But keep it gentle and less often. In the summer we’re producing more sweat and sebum since it’s hot and we’re out moving. But in the winter our skin is a bit more fragile and prone to dryness so try to keep exfoliating to once a week, and opt for gentler options to ensure we’re not stripping the skin of its lovely natural oils.

Paulas Choice BHA
Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel
Naturopathica Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel

4. If you are prone to dry skin and don’t already, mix in a moisturizer.

Opt for something very gentle to add to your routine seamlessly - I use the same cream year round because it’s gentle, effective and simple to use. The key with skincare is always consistency, so even if you shell out on the latest and greatest, it’ll only work if you use it consistently.

La Roche Toleraine Face Cream
Avène Tolerance Face Cream


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