Best Beauty Gadgets That Actually Work

Best Beauty Gadgets That Actually Work

Nurse Jamie Face Roller

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll recognize this tool from pretty much all my posts this week. I resisted what I thought was purely hype for so long, but after trying it once I was hooked. It has a nice weight so you don’t need to apply much pressure, and it genuinely feels like a massage. I can’t attest to the long term skin benefits yet (I’ve been using it for about a week) but I do know it feels amazing for releasing tension in my jaw and neck. I love my Gua sha and ice roller for de-puffing and lymphatic drainage, but this roller feels like a real massage (which I have been missing oh so much over quarantine). I love using it on the muscles that run from the side of the neck down to the clavicle. These muscles are often over worked from a forward head posture (caused by looking at our phones and computers), which places a lot of strain on this area. I find it a beautiful tension release after applying Inner Glow while lying in bed and catching up on Housewives. 

Red Light Therapy

After using my Joovv red light for about two weeks, every single day, I have noticed tightening and toning on my body (thighs, stomach and bum) and clearer, more luminous skin on my face. Red light treatment is meant to give our cells more energy, and thus powers up our bodies. I chose this device specifically because it also delivers near infrared light (NIR) - the combination of red and near infrared light delivers the wavelengths our bodies need (just like natural sunlight - but minus the UV rays). I definitely feel a positive, calm boost of energy after using it - I actually switched from using it in the evening to first thing in the morning to boost my energy. Red light therapy is shown to reduce inflammation (we know how important this is!), recover muscles, reduce cellulite, improve collagen density, and treat acne! I have perioral dermatitis - which acts like acne as it is bacterial - and have found a reduction in the bumps on my face when using my red light every day - and I have definitely noticed skin tightening and toning in stubborn areas like the sides of my thighs. Red light therapy is used in medi-spas as a facial add on and also as cellulite treatment - so if you’re looking to treat from home, this is really the perfect option. Its super simple to use - just 10 minutes on the area you want to treat (I do 10 minutes on my face, stomach, bum and thighs - so about 40 minutes a day) standing 4-6 inches away from it. Once I started seeing results I immediately went looking for a travel option since you want to use it consistently - then I found Rouge who creates the same devices, but much more affordable. After comparing the specs, they appear to be the same efficacy. Also, their travel device offers both red light and NIR - whereas the Joovv travel device is only one or the other. I ordered the Rouge travel device so stay tuned for the comparison! 

No Crease Clips

One of the simplest but most convenient beauty hacks are these creaseless clips. You’ve seen every model wear them before walking the runway and your favourite YouTuber use them to keep their hairstyle perfect while doing their makeup. I have started wearing them pretty much 24/7 - as you can see from the above pic. I hate when my hair gets in my face so its almost always up, but with these comfy clips I can just pull my hair back and not have to tie my hair into a headache inducing pony every day. They’re also very convenient for when you’re actually doing your makeup. 

Laser Hair Removal 

I have tried laser hair removal in-spa (yes, it hurt, both physically and financially) and at home. After finishing the in-spa treatment I definitely noticed it took longer for the hair to grow back, and when it did it was much more sparse. After a few years of not doing treatment I noticed it come back a bit more (apparently you have to do some treatment upkeep - oops) and thats when I turned to this at home device. I have been using it consistently (again, consistency is key here) for a month and I’ve just started noticing the hair takes longer to grow back and is definitely more sparse. I personally am more committed to consistency when its in my home, so this is the perfect option for me. This device is also so fast - it takes under 10 minutes to do my bikini and armpits - and very low pain. Pro tip: if you collect Optimum Points you can get the device either with all points or greatly discounted (keep your eye out for a spend your points day to get points when you spend points). 

Claw Clips

Another simple but super effective beauty trick is the claw clip! Not only have they come back in style with the 90s craze, but I’ve managed to make a whole new hair routine with no heat and this clip. I have taken a break from blow drying (which I always dread doing) and now instead mix my three favourite Oribe products into damp hair, twist my hair into a bun, clip it into place, and let it dry like that! The result is a natural messy wave that lasts for days and requires no heat or upkeep. I have naturally wavy hair but to amp it up and make it hold that way I use two pumps of Matte Waves, a pea size amount of Creme for Style, and a few drops of the Damage Repair Power Drops. I find this mix makes the waves hold without getting too frizzy or just falling straight. When my hair is dry over the next few days, I'll put a few drops of Inner Glow around my crown, which tends to get frizzy, and a pump or two of Split End Seal to keep my ends looking fresh and hydrated. Then I'll pop in my two favourite creaseless clips and I’m good to go!

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