Beauty from Home

Beauty from Home

In unprecedented times we take new beauty routines into our own hands, so we’re here to break down the beauty tools and items we’ve been using to keep things maintained from home!

At Home Hair Removal

Whether you shave, laser or wax theres an easy at home option for you. I have recently discovered this beautiful razor company that creates perfectly balanced razors, which helps for those prone to irritation from shaving. Wax more your thing? Fuzz Wax Bar offers professional-grade at-home waxing with their full kit so you can wax from home whenever you need! Ready to banish hair forever? I personally love at home laser (while it takes longer to achieve professional level results, it hurts a lot less and I find it more comfortable to do from home. We found the most highly rated at home laser device that is compact, effective, and works on all skin types (some machines can only be used by lighter skin tones with lighter hair).

Medi Peels and Light Masks

There are so many different at home medical grade peels and light systems designed to bring the spa home. Always beware since we don’t have the training to be administering anything too strong from home, but if you want maximum results you can consult with one of the great nurses who are offering their expertise from home - like Nurse Nikki from Toronto - who is offering medical grade skincare plans delivered directly to your home! We also love Dr. Dennis Gross’ Professional Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel for a powerful two step resurfacing. It contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and bromelain to reduce fine lines, sun spots and dullness.

Another highly recommended at-home spa service is the Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask - this mask boasts the ability to reduce fine lines and acne with its blue and red LED lights. While this mask may not be as be potent as in-spa light treatments, it could still offer great results if used daily. 

All in One Skincare

Now more than ever we have time to dedicate to ourselves, and that might mean more time to take care of your largest organ - your beautiful skin! It doesn’t require too much - and as we know more skincare is not always better. So keep things simple with Inner Glow, while delivering multi-correctional results - from the prevention to the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, to banishing excess oil production and delivering a range of omegas and vitamins - Inner Glow is the perfect companion to any routine, or as a simple way to refine your routine. 

Roots be Gone!

We know the drill - every 3-4 weeks those sparkles come shining through, and with most hair salons still closed, and many wanting to avoid public areas for as long as possible, the options at the drug store are dim. Fear not! Colour Lab has created custom hair colour kits - so you can email them to start a virtual conversation then receive your custom hair colour formulation to your door! Tone brassy browns or cover any greys with this easy at home service!

De-Puff & Chill Out

This has quickly become one of my favourite daily beauty tools - the ice roller! While its not quite as cute as its quartz counterpart, it sculpts and de-puffs quickly and feels amazing (especially when you’re sitting in the sun with your morning coffee - highly recommend!)

Brow Trimmers:

These are perfect for anyone who’s brows tend to grow long. These will help give you salon-fresh brows in just a few snips. The easiest technique is to brush your brows up with a little spooly (included in this perfect Tweezerman set), then trim the tips of the hairs that bypass the top of your brow. Trim carefully! I made the mistake of over trimming the tail hairs of my brow too much, and now well… they’re no longer. I'll be applying extra Inner Glow to my tails to promote some hair growth.

Another favourite brow tool and derma-planning tool among many is the facial razor! I have personally used it on my entire face to remove peach fuzz and dry skin, and my skin was so smooth after and applying makeup was a dream. Using this tool before applying your skincare can also help it absorb more fully, as a lot of dead skin will be removed with the razor.

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