Amandine Sol Botanicals x Nudestix Self Care Sunday

Amandine Sol Botanicals x Nudestix Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday has become a term used to describe how we choose to relax and take care of ourselves - whether that’s after work on a Tuesday or all day Friday! Self Care can happen any time anywhere, and here is what I do when I declare a self care Sunday, even if its Monday!

Grocery Shop & Cook

I love to have a full fridge - this makes me feel secure for the week so I’m never scrambling to find something to eat, and I always have plenty of snacks. I also absolutely love to cook - this is my form of meditation. Whether the food turns out or not, as it often does not, I really lose myself in cooking a nice meal. This is something I do every week - I’ll pick out a couple recipes and make them on Sunday so I have a few delicious meals on hand. Its SO easy to just order food most nights, but it truly doesn’t make me feel good and is often a waste of money. So by having a few meals ready, I can eliminate this from my week as much as possible. This week I decided to try something warm and that I really enjoyed the idea of… Matzo ball soup! I never ate this much growing up, but I always loved seeing it and thought it would be the perfect snowy Sunday food! It took a long time, which is a great sign for a soup recipe and a slow day, but when it was finished it pretty much tasted like water. Disappointing but of course I pivot to my favourite cookbook by Chrissy Teigen - she makes an incredible chicken noodle soup, so I essentially turned it into that + matzo balls.


Bath Time

I love a bath but often find them time consuming, so Sunday is really the perfect day to spend the extra time. When its about half full I pour in two cups of epsom salts so they have time to dissolve. Then I'll add a few drops of Inner Glow so I come out hydrated instead of shrivelled and dry and apply TONS of lip balm and sometimes also a face mask. Talk about multi-tasking!

Get Ready

I usually like to have some friends over after hibernating and cooking a giant meal - so ill quickly get ready with just a few of my favourite products! Here is everything I used during my GRWM:

Foundation: Tinted Cover in Nude 3.5

Favourite Brush EVER: iT Cosmetics in No. 7 

Contour: Nudies Bronze in Bondi Bae

Blush: Nudies Matte All Over Blush in Body Langauge 

Lips: Lip Glacé in Nude 02 

Eyes: Magnetic Matte Eye Color in Maroon’d 

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara

Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour in Bright Eyes 

Highlight: Magnetic Nude Glimmer in Bronzi Bae 

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