The Best Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Best Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As we adjust how we celebrate special moments, I’ve found some very thoughtful ways to celebrate the special woman in your life who deserves it more than ever right now, with approval from my own mom! These gifts are either homemade, or from local and often female founded businesses, so you can give back while shopping for your mom! 

Bring the Restaurant Home

One of the first things I think of when I’m planning a celebration is food. A great meal brings people together, transports you elsewhere, and creates a beautiful shared experience. If you’re quarantining together: cook your mom her favourite meal or something you know she’s been wanting to try. You can even make a signature cocktail, like this Watermelon Paloma and of course a delicious dessert, like this Hummingbird Cake! Or, if you cant be together physically, you can either pre-make the meal and deliver it all ready to devour, or find her favourite delivery to surprise her with. Many fancy restaurants are offering pick up or delivery, like Aloette and Buca in Toronto.  


Best Mother’s Day gift guide

Luxurious Laundry

While we’re finding ourselves getting a little stir crazy at home, small luxuries are something to look forward to. You can deliver all the tools to make our DIY linen spray, or make it for your mom with her favourite essential oils! I also LOVE these dryer balls from Saje and the Sweet Sheets blend - you put a few drops of the blend on the dryer balls, toss them into the dryer with your laundry, and it comes out smelling heavenly! Now thats how you elevate the mundane!

At Home Spa Day

Spoil your mom the ultimate self care day with any (or a few) of these at home spa tips! 

Give your mom what she really needs: root coverage! These custom Colour Kits from Colour Lab are made with salon grade hair colour to not only cover greys at home but also treat dry, damaged or faded hair colour. They deliver all over Canada and can provide a consultation with just a few pictures!

Give her the gift of glowing skin with our all natural, multi-correctional Inner Glow face oil!

Fill the bath with warm water, a few drops of Inner Glow, and one of these beautiful bath soaks from Kaia Naturals.

Stay Cozy

Let’s be real, we’re all living in loungewear right now. So what’s more practical than something she’ll wear every day! Like this cozy summer set from Thursday’s or a custom tie dye piece from The Savvy Society!

Avid Reader

Impress your mom with her new favourite book! Even better, get two copies (from your local book retailer if possible!) and make it a two person book club - start at the same time and share as you go, like you would watching your favourite tv show! Here are some of mine and my moms favs: The Dutch House, anything David Sedaris , I Feel Bad About my Neck , and Hidden Valley Road.

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