“I’ve been using one drop morning and night after I wash my face and my skin feels soooooo good. I was worried it would make me break out cause anytime I try anything even slightly different it always makes me break out but this didnt and especially under my eyes I am LOVING IT.”

- Leslie

  “Ive tried a bunch of face oils. This is different. It doesn’t feel greasy. It absorbs into the skin and I’ve already noticed how much SOFTER my skin feels. I use it before my moisturizer but this is better than a moisturizer tbh”

- Lori


“I’m literally obsessed - I love the smell and my face feels soft and clean after, like I did something good for my skin!”

- Jenna 


“I had a few pimples and theyre so much calmer today and my skin looks so fresh”

- Christina 


“First night I put it on my face I was like :O. The smell. The silk texture. AMAZING.”

- Lori


 “I love the way it blends over my hyaluronic acid and other serums. It doesn’t make them pill or ball up like thicker squalane oils. This product smells amazing. It is now a staple in my 12 step regimen”

- Nicole 


“I’ve been using the Inner Glow Face Oil and I’m absolutely loving it!”

- Sarah 


“Em absolutely LOVES your serum and her skin has never looked better!”

- Scott 


“Id been using Aesop parsley seed anti oxidizing serum under my eyes hoping to improve the dark circles and id already used a whole bottle. I haven’t even opened the new bottle yet cause your product is working so much better.”

- Leslie  


“Your face oil has 1000% saved my skin. I have literally zero flakey skin now. The only change I made was switching to your oil.”

- Tamar  


“Thank you for creating the most beautiful product that doesn’t make me break out!”

- Estelle  


“I have to say this is simply one of the most gorgeous face oils I have ever used! I’m completely hooked.”

- Mary-Jane  


“Its super lightweight and makes my skin look glowy without looking oily. Also the only moisturizer I can use right now for my eczema.”

- Taylor  


“Love the natural glow! Also have been getting tons of compliments on my skin lately and have only been using this serum!”

- Amanda  


“Its honestly the best. This formula is like nothing I’ve ever come across.”

- Maria  


“My skin legit looks and feels different after one night. Crazy!”

- Alex  


“My skin has never reacted to well to a product before. Its so hydrated, clear, and glowy. No more dry patches!”

- Lauren