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Everything you Need to Know About Facial Massage Tools

While there are many facial massage tools currently on the market, they all have a few simple things in common. They are all meant to be used with an oil so that there is no tension on the skin. You want your tool of choice to glide smoothly across the skin without tugging or any discomfort. They should all be used gently and, at first, sparingly in order to see how your skin reacts. They are also all meant to be used in an outward sweeping motion - beginning at the centre of the face and moving outwards towards the hairline. The thought behind some of these tools (including the Gua Sha and derma roller) is to cause micro injuries to...

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Inner Glow Makeup Tutorial with Estelle Phillips

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Estelle Phillips, one of the most incredible makeup artists, on creating the perfect every day glow from within makeup look! We based this look on our Inner Glow Face Oil, which provides the ultimate glow. This look layers luminous products in order to create a truly radiant, every day makeup look. You’ll notice Estelle mention that I would like the look even more as the day goes on and my natural oils blend with the cream products and she was absolutely right - it looked beautiful even at the very end of the day! You can watch the YouTube video here. While this look took some time to achieve, you can use...

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Amandine Abroad: Anguilla Travel Guide

This year I discovered Anguilla for the first time and fell in love. It's secluded, it's incredibly tranquil (at the right time of year), the food is delicious, and the views are outstanding. I love it so much that I’ve rounded up the best things to do in Anguilla so it's simple for you to enjoy without all the planning! How to Get There: Anguilla is really a hidden gem, and what comes with being a precious stone... difficult to get to. I didn’t know the effort that it took to get there, so each step came as an (unwelcome) surprise. Now that I know the steps, and best ways to get around them, I’m more than excited to make the...

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Repair and Prepare for Fall

Factors like the sun and environmental stressors can cause damage throughout the summer. But, with the sudden change in weather, we also want to prevent new damage from occurring throughout the winter months, all while keeping our glow. Full of skin calming and antioxidant benefits, Inner Glow allows you to use one product to achieve an incredible range of skin replenishing results. Not only will your fall skincare routine be amplified, but it will also be simplified. Here’s everything thats trying to distort your natural beauty this fall, and how Inner Glow will help: Prevent & Repair Dehydration: The sun and cold weather both leach the moisture from our skin - so ingredients like Grape Seed and Avocado oil work...

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From Law to Beauty

What may seem like an unpredictable jump between two very contrasting careers was actually a decision based in fate and family. Like many other young people growing up, I didn’t want to do what my parents did. My family is the epitome of entrepreneurs - my father has owned multiple hair salons, my mother owned a beauty boutique, and my brother and father teamed up to create Colour Lab - the first and only colour-only hair salon in Toronto. I saw the struggle and unpredictability of owning your own business as a major deterrence. Although I was completely obsessed with all things fashion and beauty, I never felt like I would fit into the industry or find the stability I...

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