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Amandine Sol Botanicals x Nudestix Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday has become a term used to describe how we choose to relax and take care of ourselves - whether that’s after work on a Tuesday or all day Friday! Self Care can happen any time anywhere, and here is what I do when I declare a self care Sunday, even if its Monday! Grocery Shop & Cook I love to have a full fridge - this makes me feel secure for the week so I’m never scrambling to find something to eat, and I always have plenty of snacks. I also absolutely love to cook - this is my form of meditation. Whether the food turns out or not, as it often does not, I really lose...

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Where to Buy Inner Glow

Find Inner Glow Travel Sizes at Shop Thursdays and Colour Lab in Toronto and shop our full size Inner Glow at Colour Lab in Toronto and at Le Magasin General by Dress to Kill in Montreal! We also ship everywhere in Canada, the US and the UK! Receive FREE shipping to the US and Canada when you spend $150+!  

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Holiday Pre-Tox: Prepare for The Healthiest Holiday

The holidays can be overwhelming, but entering them with a calm and confident mindset could be what defines a good holiday and a great holiday. We’ve rounded up the best practices to keep your mind, and face, clear this holiday season! Melissa Wood Health Workouts These workouts are always fun and so simple to slot into your day. They range from 10 minutes to up to 35 minutes, so no matter what you can always find time to get a little workout or stretch in! I LOVE these cute and super practical ankle/hand weights - they definitely bring me a little more joy while working out.  Take care of your skin Winter, alcohol, and heavy foods can all have a...

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

We want you to enjoy the holidays without the stress of finding the right gifts for everyone in your life, so we scouted the best gifts for your loved ones - from guys to your in-laws or that one person who just doesn’t like anything, we’ve got you covered! Inner Glow Face Oil: give the gift of glowing skin - everyone wants dewy, hydrated (esp. in this weather), radiant skin so spoil them with liquid gold. Wonderful for all skin types and unisex - this is really the gift for anyone! For a limited time you will also receive a complimentary pouch for an even better gift (for them, or you 😉). Oribe Hand Wash and Cream: for anyone you...

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How to Treat Blemishes

An unexpected blemish is annoying enough, but the discolouration or scar that they leave in their wake can last a lot longer than the pimple itself. First, we need to treat the blemish as gently and lovingly as possible. While our first instinct is to grab the benzoyl or salicylic acid, there are a few other steps we can take to treat our breakout naturally. Make sure not to touch the blemish (no squeezing or poking - as best as you can!), gently cleanse the skin (my favourite cleanser is Cetaphil - and there is also Cetaphil for acne prone skin). Remove any remaining impurities with a gentle toner - I love this one from UMA oils, then treat your...

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