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Beauty from Home

In unprecedented times we take new beauty routines into our own hands, so we’re here to break down the beauty tools and items we’ve been using to keep things maintained from home! At Home Hair Removal Whether you shave, laser or wax theres an easy at home option for you. I have recently discovered this beautiful razor company that creates perfectly balanced razors, which helps for those prone to irritation from shaving. Wax more your thing? Fuzz Wax Bar offers professional-grade at-home waxing with their full kit so you can wax from home whenever you need! Ready to banish hair forever? I personally love at home laser (while it takes longer to achieve professional level results, it hurts a lot...

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Your WFH Series - Meet Sarah

We’re sharing the different Work From Home perspectives of friends and followers of ASB - from workplace set ups to beauty must-haves and what’s keeping everyone sane! Who knows - maybe you’ll connect with someone from afar! #BeautyUnites  First up, meet Sarah! Sarah helped launch Inner Glow with her sharp PR skills - if you found Inner Glow in Forbes or ELLE we can thank Sarah for that! Let’s see your WFH setup Desk-side goodies: Byredo Candle, Laneige Lip Mask, Hopson Grace mug and coaster, The Real Real Shopping break. Favourite view from quarantine? I have really nice french doors leading to my balcony. I sit as close as possible to get natural light throughout the day.   What were you...

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Shop with Intent

We are living in a time where we, the customer, have endless options as to where we can shop and what businesses we want to support with our hard earned income. We are able to support small, female owned, people of colour, and immigrant owned businesses - we can even support someone from across the world with the power of our purchase. So we put together a list of some incredible businesses from diverse backgrounds that we love to support - both the people behind them and the amazing goods they produce.  Female Alchemy Tatiana creates gorgeous handmade pottery in Miami. She releases these beautiful collections of different items and you have to scoop them up fast because they sell...

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The Best Sunscreen Guide for All Skin Types

I don’t need to read you the riot act on wearing sunscreen - you know you need it and you know why (skin cancer, skin damage, premature aging, the list goes on). But thanks to some digging and incredible companies, there are lots of amazing options available! There are even sunscreens that can add a beautiful glow to our skin, or help control excess oil. Fear not! There is a sunscreen in this guide for you! First let’s debunk this common sunscreen conundrum - what does SPF even mean? Well, according to the Skin Care Foundation, the level of SPF tells you how long the sun’s UVB rays would take to redden your skin if you apply the sunscreen as...

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Inflammation, Sensitive Skin & Treating It

Rethinking Clean with Dr. Skotnicki  Eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis - three of the most common yet most mysterious skin conditions - are all related to inflammation and skin sensitivity. You hear about it all the time: “anti-inflammatory” foods, skincare and diets. We know inflammation is bad, but why and how do we avoid it? ‘Sensitive skin’ is a term used by professionals and consumers alike - we use it to describe skin that is easily reactionary to outside factors (wool, skincare products, climate, etc.). Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, a renowned Toronto dermatologist who specializes in allergic contact dermatitis and skin disease, believes 80% of skin sensitivity comes from either pre-existing conditions (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis) or invisible inflammation. Dr. Skotnicki states that...

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