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Toronto Pride Guide

Welcome to the first instalment of our #summerseries! We’ll be bringing you the most riveting in summer beauty, entertainment, and wellness. For as long as I can remember the Toronto Pride Parade has been an absolute party and a celebration of the diversity Toronto embraces every day. My dad used to take me to the parade every year - we’d chat with party goers, the gorgeous drag queens, and everyone celebrating. It’s an incredible feeling when the whole city opens up and embraces one another - from the police to the partiers high-fiving all along the parade route. Everything centres around ‘The Village’ - Yonge & Church - where the parade begins and theres tons of restaurants and bars.  For...

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A Brand Born in Fate and Family

My brand started at my farm, with my family. I grew up in an incredibly entrepreneurial family - both of my parents worked in the beauty industry, and the rest of my family have careers in fashion. I’d always known that I had an immense passion for these worlds, but I never felt like I could make a ‘successful’ career out of it.  

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