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The Perfect Long Weekend Packing List

What’s better than a summer weekend? A long summer weekend, of course! Next comes the inevitable concern of what to bring on your long weekend getaway and how to consolidate it all into one packable bag. Fear not! We have made an extremely versatile weekend getaway packing list with each item touting multiple purposes to make your weekend as breezy as this weather. We also selected awesome items from incredible brands with female founders making a positive impact in the world. Simple doesn’t have to be basic. 1 - The simple summer dress - this is a staple everyone covets for summer. Something you can throw on every day and feel confident in while staying cool (physically and metaphorically). We...

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Facial Massage Tutorial

A facial massage not only feels great, but can provide ample benefits: it builds collagen, erases muscle memory (see ya later, frown lines), and it helps with lymphatic detox (flushing the lymph nodes and promoting blood flow). You’ll notice more radiant skin, sculpted lines and less puffiness. Also, for all of us teeth grinders and headache sufferers, you’ll find incredible relief and relaxation. While facial massages are quickly growing in popularity, largely thanks to tools like jade rollers and Gua Sha being touted on Instagram, they’ve actually been widely practiced in Ayurvedic medicine, and can easily be done with just our hands. The best part - it can be totally free and integrated into your daily routine!We should ideally be...

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Amandine Abroad: Washington, D.C.

A hub for culture, history and politics, Washington, D.C. is an exciting place to visit for a weekend. One may not associate Washington with natural beauty, but it actually has some of the most amazing natural beauty shops. There are tons of great restaurants to lounge at and sights to see - you certainly wont be bored during a weekend in Washington! I’ve broken down my favourite tips for food, sights, beauty and shopping down to the top contenders to make your weekend a breeze.  Beauty & Shopping: Check out Veer & Wander whose motto is simply put: "Dont be toxic". Words we can all live by. Their modern apothecary is the perfect reprieve for a quick, natural, pick me up.  Walking into Take...

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Naturally Inspired Summer Hosting

With warmer weather upon us in Canada we instantly flock to cottages and patios to celebrate the end of another arctic tundra. Next week marks not only Canada Day but also Independence Day - so for this #SummerSeries we’re going to serve you two delicious naturally inspired cocktails and a fresh simple salad you can throw together and bask in the sunshine, no matter what you’re celebrating.

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Toronto Pride Guide

Welcome to the first instalment of our #summerseries! We’ll be bringing you the most riveting in summer beauty, entertainment, and wellness. For as long as I can remember the Toronto Pride Parade has been an absolute party and a celebration of the diversity Toronto embraces every day. My dad used to take me to the parade every year - we’d chat with party goers, the gorgeous drag queens, and everyone celebrating. It’s an incredible feeling when the whole city opens up and embraces one another - from the police to the partiers high-fiving all along the parade route. Everything centres around ‘The Village’ - Yonge & Church - where the parade begins and theres tons of restaurants and bars.  For...

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